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More than a company, we prefer to call ourselves a family that boasts the experience of a generation of producers who have made love for their land and agriculture their passion.
Since 2006 we have embraced the bio protocol which through annual checks certifies the authenticity of our organic products; our company choice binds us in a decisive way to seasonality, the processing of fresh products leads us to have a precise planning in production, so as to meet the needs of our customers.

We want to preserve our identity through the image that our products are able to convey, and through our direct relationship with the customer and his needs.

We want to create a group of people aware of what they buy, who are willing to return to healthy habits of the past when they consumed seasonal products and respected nature without forcing its cycles and mechanisms as unfortunately happens today through employment of chemical substances, causing irreversible damage to the ecosystem.
We want to sensitize consumers to acquire a critical spirit towards what they eat; eating healthy means eating organic, eating organic means accepting aesthetic imperfection in the name of healthy taste.
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Approfitta della nostra offerta Gran Risparmio “Più compri meno spendi. Per tutti gli ordini fino a 26 kg di tutte le combinazioni di frutta a tua scelta, le spese di spedizione resteranno bloccate a soli 10€

Offriamo ai nostri migliori clienti la possibilità di soggiornare in Sicilia e visitare la nostra azienda per scoprire…

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